Tools for Eurorack DIY Kit Building.

A basic list of the tools you need to build my kits.

1) A soldering iron that can solder through hole parts to a 2 sided PCB, NOT a super cheap one. A good rule of thumb is if it costs less than £20 then it’s probably junk. If It doesn’t have a tip cleaner buy one because you 100% NEED one to solder properly. Brands like Metcal, Hakko, Xytronic, Weller, Pace and Atten are all good.

(Something like these)







Hakko 888-FX | AOYUE-936 | Metcal PS-900

2) Leaded Solder (or use lead free if you know how) flux core, about 0.7mm is nice nothing chunkier than 1mm thick. Brands like Edsyn, Multicore, Loctite and Rapid are good but avoid no chinese junk.

(Something like these)







Rapid Electronics own brand | Loctite / Multicore | EDSYN

3) A Good pair of side cutters no super chunky electricians cutters or blunt old junk.

(Something like these)





Engineer Ns-06 | Lindstrom 8160 | eBay

4) 8mm and 10mm Hex Nut Drivers (sometimes called nut spinners). You could get away with using pliers but you risk slipping and scratching your front panel. You can also the indivistal hex bits commonly found in household tool kits although you may find the 10mm bits don’t have vertical depth to accommodate the shaft of the pot.    An 8mm driver is needed for the jack nuts and a 10mm for the pot nuts.

(Something like these)


Things you don’t really need but should have.

The middle of a role of packing tape ! It’s the best way to hold PCBs just put your pcb on top, place your parts and solder from the top. This only works for some parts but its a huge timesaver.







Blue tack Is also useful for holding parts when you can’t solder them from the top and need to flip the PCB.











A multimeter is very useful for measuring component values and checking the continuity of two points.

(Something like these)











Aneng AN8002 | VoltCraft VC830 | Uni-T UT61A

A cheap component tester is also useful for testing suspect parts and finding out the value of parts. You can find these all over eBay of less than £20.

(Something like these)







eBay | eBay | eBay

A trimmer tool ! Of course you could just use a small screwdriver but a dedicated Trim pot adjustment tool is much easier to use. I use a Bourns H-90 but others exist.






Other tools that would be helpful would be:

– Needle nosed pliers 
– A solder sucker 
– Solder wick 
– A solder fume extractor 
– A digital oscilloscope