omsonic – Voltage Controlled LFO (VCLFO-C)


A voltage controlled LFO with a wide frequency range and some nice extras.

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omsonic VCLFO-C a Eurorack VCLFO

A voltage controlled LFO with a wide frequency range and some nice extras.

  • Sync (also sometimes called “reset”) can be momentary (Trig) or continuous (Gate)
  • The sync offset knob allows the LFO to be reset with a wider variety or even audio but it also offsets the point at which the LFO resets in the wave.
  • Sine wave and inverted sine wave output for cross fade patches
  • Frequency range of 20 seconds to 250khz

And yes the eyes do light up depending on the rate of the LFO 😉


Physical info-
7 mA +12V
5 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
31.5 mm Depth
8 HP

Modular Grid link !

The omsonic VCLFO-C is on Modular grid !

I do ship abroad but expect to pay extra for postage !

The unit will be sent in an anti static bag to prevent damage to its ICs.
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eurorack VCLFO Voltage controlled LFO

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Weight200 g