omsonic – Ouch!


An Analog Snare Drum Eurorack Module Inspired by the Snare Drum section of the famous Roland TR-606 Drum machine, the noisy module packs lots of functionality into just 6HP ! 

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omsonic Ouch! a 6HP Analog Snare Drum Eurorack Module.

  • Analog Snare Drum Eurorack Module Inspired by the Snare Drum section of the famous Roland TR-606 Drum machine.
  • CV control over noise decay length with attenuation via the decay knob when an external source is connected.
  • Dedicated cross fade circuit for the shell / noise mix control unlike some other drum modules.
  • Dedicated Level knob makes the module easier to adjust in a patch.
  • Reverse switch allows you to change the direction of the exponential noise envelope from falling to rising ! (this dose not affect the shell only the noise portion of the snare sound)
  • External Noise input that passes through the internal high pass filter. 
  • Extremely sensitive trigger input with indicator LED. 
  • Made in England with quality parts.
  • And yes the om sign lights up 😉

Physical info –
39 mA +12V
27 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
* 38 mm Deep *




Modular Grid link !

The omsonic ouch is on Modular Grid ! 


omsonic ouch Analog Snare Drum Eurorack Module


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