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After some unpleasant experiences surrounding my work in the field of electronics design and just massive burnout from running the business along with some rough personal life events I must move away from selling my line of Eurorack modules for the time being.

What people might not know is that I founded omsonic around the age of around 19 with no formal education in electrical or mechanical engineering at all, this was just after finishing 2 years of a level 3 music technology BTEC and just before embarking on a 3 year degree in electronic music at a university that involved a hefty commute. The entire company has always been run by one person from one small bedroom in a family home and my roles included: Electronic design and prototyping, CAD based PCB and front panel design & layout, ordering and stock keeping of parts / PCBs / panels / shipping materials, shipping logistics, customer support, financial management, website admin and more. All the modules were manufactured from blank PCBs to finished modules in house by me by hand so this included: Solder paste stenciling, running of a pick and place machine (yes a bedroom pick and place machine and reflow oven setup), hand placement for hundreds and hundreds of through hole components, use of a dip soldering setup to save time on hand soldering, PCB hand soldering rework, testing and calibration of modules ect.. at one point it was not uncommon for me to fall asleep at my workbench. At some points I was also taking on one off circuit bending commissions, and doing vintage synth repair and restoration work… oh and not to forget PCB schematic reverse engineering “benchmarking” commissions.

I would like to try and offer some non Eurorack based stand alone synthesizer and effects units designs that I have been perfecting for a number of years and to my ears sound great in NI Reaktor and I’m sure would sound amazing in full analogue circuitry, so keep and eye on this space for a variety of original synth designs, DIY kits, circuit bending tools and more. 

I do intend to try and release some of my more popular modules as DIY kits and PCB’s and perhaps even open source some designs at some point starting with a through hole version of Pixel Dust. There is a small possibility I will sell a few small runs of one off unique eurorack designs in runs of 10 or less but for now large runs of modules are on hold until my life is more stable and I are more comfortable working with electronics again. 

Answering emails pertaining to omsonic as a whole has become much too stress inducing for me so if I sell you an item you will be given a private email address for technical support and question, this will allow me to offer better customer service to paying customers.

– omsonic


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Showing 1–12 of 13 results