Eurorack Modules

Again so sorry for the delayed shipping and lack of updates, I’ve been recovering from COVID for 3 weeks ! but I have the recovered for the post viral fatigue now and should be back to work ASAP.  


COVID  is EVIL still getting over the “post-viral fatigue” but I feel like I can ship the RNF MK 2’s that people have paid for ASAP I just still have very little energy but I’m getting there so please hang tight I feel quite guilty for making people wait so long for me to ship them so again sorry but it’s been out of my control. 

Modules in the works !
– 4HP Korg MS10 module with an authentic KORG35 IC using vintage transistors in the KORG 35 Module  !
– An original Analogue delay module based on the famous Ibanez EM5 Echomachine guitar pedal in eurorack form !
– Reissue of my RNF cascaded OTA VCF with some excellent new features and in just 10HP !  
– And new stand alone semi modular synth unit !  
– And I should be restocking Transistor ladder filter kits at some point  🙂 
– A super super secret 2 HP Vactrol LPG module !

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results